Mission / Goals / Ethics

Putnam County Schools Mission Statement

The Putnam County Schools will provide quality education that enables students to apply academic and life role skills to achieve their maximum potential.

Putnam County Board Of Education Goals

The Putnam County Board of Education operates under 5 goals:

Goal One:  To ensure high levels of performance for all students in Putnam County
Goal Two:  Align expenditures with improved student performance
Goal Three: Develop leadership capacity in all staff
Goal Four:  Provide clean, safe, educationally appropriate facilities conducive to learning
Goal Five:  Actively engage the parents and community the educational process

Policy Concerning Discrimination

The Putnam County School System prohibits discrimination in employment practices, educational programs, and activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, gender, age, or disability.


There are thirteen Standards of Conduct contained in the Educator’s Code of Ethics.  The Professional Practices Commission is vested with the responsibility of interpretation and application of this code.  The Standards of Conduct fall into the following areas:

1. Disregard of generally recognized professional standards

2. Dishonesty

3. Falsification of professional training

4. Improper remunerative conduct

5. Abuse of students

6. Confidential information

7. Unconstitutional or discriminatory acts

8. Failure to make a required report

9. Alcohol or controlled substance abuse

10. Criminal acts

11. Public funds and property

12. Unauthorized professional practice

13. Abandonment of contract for professional services